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KAPI-GEL by Kapitex
Trachestoma Spacer
Provides a seal around stoma studs and laryngectomy tubes

Helps to reduce air leakage around studs and tubes

and aids in the effective use of hands free valves!

Ideal for difficult stoma anatomy. Helps to “fill in” the stoma area, allowing the comfortable use
of laryngectomy tubes, stoma studs and heat moisture exchange/filter cassettes.

Helps reduce air leakage when using hands free valves or when using a stoma stud and digitally
occluding the stoma.

Because it is almost transparent, Kapi-Gel is barely noticeable around the stoma.

Will fit almost any brand of stoma studs and laryngectomy tubes and keep them in their proper placement.

                      Kapi-Gel is a tacky laminated silicone gel available in two thicknesses - 3 mm and 5 mm -
                      and in two hole dimensions - 8 mm and 12 mm. The outer diameter of the spacer is 43 mm.

Available in packs of 10

Cat #               Price           Thickness    Inner Diameter       Kapitex #

38130            $ 62.00              3mm               8mm                    2008

38131            $ 62.00              3mm             12mm                    2012

38132            $ 62.00              5mm               8mm                    4008

38133            $ 62.00              5mm             12mm                    4012

                                                       ( SIZE (+ OR-) 2 MM )

Requires an Rx

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